Can I Watch Hulu in Singapore with NordVPN?

Last updated: July 1, 2021

Can I Watch Hulu in Singapore With NordVPN

Hulu is amongst the top-notch VOD services, offering some of the film industry’s best titles from some popular channels like Cinemax, Discovery, and CNBC. However, if you’re wondering, “can I watch Hulu in Singapore with NordVPN” the answer is yes!

Due to the restrictions imposed by the production companies, VOD services like Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video have to honor the licensing agreements, which may limit certain titles by country or in Hulu’s case only make content available in the United States!

NordVPN offers the ability to bypass these restrictions, thanks to their advanced features and obfuscation technology. Follow the instructions in this guide to learn how you can unblock Hulu with NordVPN, without any hassles or errors.

Best Plan:$3.71/month on a 2-Year Plan
Max Servers:5,400+ in 59 Countries
Simultaneous Connections:6 Devices
Supported Resolution:Ultra HD
Streaming Speed:95.5Mbps
Encryption Method:AES-256-CBC
Other Platforms:Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sling TV, Disney+

Why Do You Need a VPN for Hulu?

Unlike other VOD services, Hulu uploads the content on its library within a day of its airing, which means you don’t have to wait much longer to watch your ideal shows/films. You can stream live TV from a list of 65 popular channels in the US on Hulu.

Therefore, if you’re in Singapore or any other place outside the US, you will need to bypass geo-restrictions with a reliable VPN.Β  Bear in mind that if you try to access Hulu in Singapore or any place other than the US, you’ll get this error message below:

Hulu Not Available Outside US

Does NordVPN Really Work With Hulu?

Hulu’s tracking systems are even more advanced than Netflix in blocking unauthorized access from online proxies and VPNs. It uses DNS Hijacking, IP Address Blacklisting, and DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) to prevent smart DNS, online proxies, and VPNs from accessing its content.

On the other hand, NordVPN has 5400+ servers spread across 59 countries while covering 15 US cities to break the barriers set by VOD services. Moreover, it uses a double VPN feature that routes the traffic from two servers, providing you another layer of privacy.

The best thing is that it utilizes obfuscation technology, which converts your VPN data packets into regular HTTP traffic and tricks these streaming services that this traffic is not coming from a VPN but a regular source within the US, hence unblocking the website easily.

NordVPN even has a strict no-logs policy; it utilizes Military standard AES-256-CBC encryption for protecting your privacy from hijackers and data leakers. On top of that, it has been audited twice by PwC, a security firm in Switzerland.


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Get NordVPN for Hulu!30-Days Money Back Guarantee

How to Watch Hulu with NordVPN

NordVPN is amongst the safest and fastest, which is why it is among our top recommendations. Follow the instructions below to access Hulu with NordVPN:

Step 1: Subscribe to a NordVPN Plan

If you haven’t already subscribed to it, go to the NordVPN website and get a subscription plan according to your needs. After that, download the relevant app and install it on your device.

You can download apps for multiple devices including Mac, Fire Stick, and smart phones like Android and iPhone etc. You can connect to 6 devices simultaneously with a single subscription.


Step 2: Connect to a US Server with NordVPN

Run the NordVPN app and connect to a working US server. Currently Hulu is accessible through these servers; #3288, #3097, #3325, #2496, #3213. After connecting to any of these servers, make sure to verify that your IP Address and location are changed from here.


Step 3: Visit the Hulu Website and Enjoy Streaming!

Now, if you have verified that the IP Address and locations are changed, head over to the Hulu website/app. Enjoy streaming great industry titles like Woke, High Fidelity, and Normal People, without any hassles or buffering issues!


πŸ‘‰ note that some smart TVs like roku and Apple TV don’t support VPNs, you have to use an alternative router method to access Hulu on these devices.

Get NordVPN for Hulu!30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Other Benefits/Features of NordVPN

NordVPN offers some cool features to consider. If you have already purchased a NordVPN subscription or are still deciding on this, here are some other features that you may wish to have while subscribing to a VPN service.

  • Automatic Kill Switch: Automatic kill switch makes sure that your information doesn’t leak if the VPN disconnects.
  • Double Protection: NordVPN changes your IP Address twice and provides you another layer of security.
  • Personal IP Address: You can get a dedicated IP Address, which is used by you and never shared with anyone else.
  • Firm No-log Policy: Their claims of no connectivity logs are being tested and audited by PwC, Switzerland.
  • Onion Over VPN: It uses Onion router anonymity over its AES-256 encryption for ultimate security.
  • Malware & Ads Blocker: Get built-in Malware and Ads Blocker for an uninterrupted streaming experience.
  • 24/7 Support: NordVPN has a robust customer care service available 24/7 for your help and assistance for any problems!
  • Simultaneous Connections: NordVPN supports 6 devices simultaneously; you can protect all your devices from being hacked and phishing activities.

Can I Watch Hulu in Singapore With NordVPN: FAQs

For the reader’s convenience, I have added below a couple of relevant queries regarding how you can access Hulu in Singapore with NordVPN!

❔ How do I get Hulu to work with NordVPN?

Follow the following steps to configure NordVPN with Hulu and start streaming your favorite shows.

  1. Get a subscription from the NordVPN website.
  2. Install the relevant NordVPN app on your device.
  3. Run the app and connect to a US server.
  4. Visit the Hulu website or open the Hulu app.
  5. Go to your favorite show/film and start streaming!

❔ How do I bypass Hulu location?

Hulu has restricted its use outside of the US territories. If you want to bypass these restrictions and access Hulu while temporarily changing your IP Address and location, you will need a VPN.

❔ Can I share my Hulu account with family?

You can install and activate Hulu apps on as many devices you want. But you can watch Hulu on just two devices simultaneously.

❔ Can you stream with NordVPN?

Yes, you can stream HD quality videos with NordVPN with a speed of at least 95.5Mbps, as I have tested. If you want to get an uninterrupted streaming experience, then you should go for NordVPN.

❔ Does NordVPN work with Hulu?

Yes, NordVPN works with Hulu. You can download NordVPN on any device you want and connect it to one of the working US servers, and you are good to go.

Wrapping Up

Watching Hulu inside Singapore requires the use of a VPN. NordVPN works perfectly fine with Hulu in HD quality, without any buffering or connectivity issues. In case if you encounter an error, feel free to drop a comment below!

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