Hulu Cost: How Much Does the SVoD Cost in 2021?

Last updated: May 3, 2021

Hulu Cost

Hulu is one of the top-rated SVoDs on the market with more than 30 million subscribers, and they continue to add options to improve access to top content. However, how much does Hulu cost is an important question that most end getting confused about.

As you probably know, the service is available for streaming in the United States only. Therefore, if you want to unblock Hulu from Singapore or any other country, you will have to pay for a subscription in dollars and that too by purchasing a gift card.

How Much Does Hulu Cost?

Hulu’s has four offerings – Basic, Premium, Basic + Live TV, and Premium + Live TV for on-demand movies like The Shape of Water, 2067, The Sunlight Night, The Secret Garden, Border, etc.

Besides this, Hulu keep adding its stunning Original productions such as “Culture Shock, Good Boy, The Body, Bad Hair, My Valentine,” etc. along with other various appealing categories.

There are also additional add-ons to choose from to enhance a streaming experience and get access to the exact needed content. With Hulu plans and prices that provide for each budget, it offers various registration packages and offers significant deals – all of which we will explain below:

1) Hulu Basic

Choosing Hulu Basic is just $ 6 a month, making it one of the cheapest streaming services on the market. College students can get this program even less, for just $ 2 a month, with guaranteed student enrolment. It provides ad-supported access to all of Hulu’s much-needed programs.

2) Hulu Premium:

This plan offers a complete Hulu library for watching killer content of various genres like documentaries, Classics, Black Stories, Crime, Comedy, Science Fiction, Family, Romance, Horror, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sports, and much much more to explore in it. Using this plan, people can see advertisement-free programs to stream from 2 simultaneous screens at a cost of $ 12/month.

3) Basic + Live TV

Hulu Basic + Live TV costs $ 65 per month and adds more than 65 live TV channels – including National Geographic, Animal Planet, Lifetime, CNN, TLC, Discovery, Cartoon Network, ESPN, COZI, ABC, Disney Channel, ESPN, CBS, Fox, and more. Here is a complete list of its 65+ channels:


4) Premium + Live TV

It’s Hulu Premium + Live TV option for $ 71 a month that offers complete access to 65+ Top Live Channels, advertisement-free content, with entire access to Hulu library and add-ons.

However; streaming is allowed from 2 screens on all its subscriptions including this one. To understand these packages with more clarity; just skim through the following comparison:

Hulu Cost Comparison Chart

How Much is Hulu Charging for its Ad-Ons?

Hulu now includes the HBO Max subscription option, which provides access to additional required movies and TV shows at a price of $ 15 per month as a standard HBO add-on.

Additionally, Hulu also offers some discounted bundles for instance on Hulu Basic plan – Disney+ and ESPN + can be added for the streaming purpose at a discounted price of $ 13 a month.

Does Hulu have a Free Trial offer?

Many streaming services have stopped offering their free trial in most places of the world including Netflix. But Hulu is still open to avail a 30-day free period through its Signup option that can be availed by visiting its official site by entering the relevant details. The platform follows a schedule of its free offers on Signing up for the members:

1) Hulu Free for 30-days

2) Hulu + Live TV Free for 7-days

Can Hulu Be Seen Outside the US?

Hulu is officially available for streaming in the United States only. On the other side; we all can access Hulu’s complete library from any other country like Singapore, Canada, UK.

Most people are living with an old-fashioned technique that this service cannot be watched other than in the US. Have you ever heard about a geo-spoofing tool that has changed the lives of international communities across the borders?

Thankfully; VPN is such a powerful tool that bypasses geo-restrictions on international streaming sites like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and many others.

Through using this tool, anyone can unblock all Hulu shows, movies, and favorite content while staying in any part of the part.

Impressively; this is a user-friendly device to watch Hulu from any preferred device like Android, iPhone, Apple TV, Firestick, Mac, or any other.

Hulu Cost: FAQs

When it comes to figuring out how much you should pay for Hulu, it’s imperative to be aware of the cost. Below we answer common queries about it!

How do I get Hulu for free?

The easy way to enjoy free Hulu content is just to sign up for one of Hulu’s free trial offers through a new email id that has bee never used before on this platform. For Hulu with an ad plan and Hulu for no ad program, the service offers you a free Hulu trial for 30 days. However, Hulu + Live TV offers a free period for 7-days only.

Is Hulu Cheap with Amazon?

Amazon Prime membership costs $ 99 per year (or about $ 8.25 per month), but also includes unlimited, two-day, free shipping for many things.

Its subscribers also get access to the company’s growing free shipping offer with it. However, the cheapest option is Hulu Prime among other popular streaming services to enjoy the best programs.

What does the $ 5.99 Hulu subscription include?

For $ 5.99 a month you will get access to the entire Hulu catalog, but you will have to watch some ads as you stream. New subscribers can get a free 30-day trial upon registration. Hulu plays the role of hosting a variety of content, including many current and past TV shows.

Did you get Hulu through Disney plus?

Disney bundle includes subscriptions to Disney +, ESPN +, and the Hulu plan of your choice at a discounted price, compared to the retail price of each subscription when purchased separately. Disney Bundle is available through Hulu (Ad-supported) for $ 12.99 / month or Hulu (No Ads) for $ 18.99 / month.

Wrapping Up

Hulu offers competitive pricing with a huge range of choices to see online through its subscription offers along with 65+ Live TV Channels. Investing in a VPN connection will unblock the needed streaming service easily like Hulu from any location on this universe.

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